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Health Systems Management

Improved management of the Liberian health system will strengthen its functioning, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.


Core Courses in Public Health

PHLT501, Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PHLT502, Advanced Epidemiology
PHLT503, Biostatistics I          
PHLT504, Biostatistics II         
PHLT505, Social and Behavioral Sciences
PHLT506, Introduction to Environmental Health
PHLT507, Introduction to Public Health Lab
PHLT508, Public Health Policy & Management
PHLT513, Outbreak Investigation and Response
PHLT515, Public Health Population Dynamics
Research and Related Courses
PHLT509, Scientific Article Reading & Writing
PHLT510, Health Research Ethics
PHLT604, Thesis           


Required: Health Systems Management

HSMT601, Applied Health Sciences Administration and Management
HSMT602, Health Economics and Finance
HSMT/ENHT613, Public Health Legislation, Regulation and Enforcement
HSMT604, Quality Improvement and Implementation Science
HSMT605, Logistics Health Supply Chain Mgt

HSMT607, Health Information Systems


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