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The University of Liberia Master in Public Health Program is a two-year program within the College of Health Sciences. It is designed to meet a critical workforce gap in the Liberian public health sector. Consequently, the curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of workforce-ready skills, research and technical competencies and offers learners the option of focusing on one of four tracks: Applied Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Systems Management and Public Health Lab. All courses are led by Liberian faculty with doctoral level credentials.


Summary of Strategic Objectives:

  • Provision of demand-driven education

  • Building public health capacity to meet local and global challenges

  • Fostering leadership, critical appraisal and information literacy

  • Producing graduates who pursue lifelong learning

  • Establishing a culture of high-quality academic research

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The Rationale

The four concentration areas are based on an analysis

of the public health needs in Liberia as below:

Limited knowledge of detection, reporting and response of diseases of epidemic potentials has resulted in outbreaks leading to the loss of many lives.

Environmental Health

High rates of infectious disease in Liberia and the region are attributed to underdeveloped water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure.

Health Systems policy and Management

Improved management of the Liberian health system will strengthen its functioning, both in terms of effectiveness and efficiency.

Public Health Lab

Advancing laboratory capacity in Liberia benefits the health sector by ensuring accurate and rapid diagnosis of disease conditions thereby strengthening emergency preparedness and response structures and promoting research and development of novel techniques and devices most relevant to Liberia’s needs.

Applied Epidemiology


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Dr. Bernice T. Dahn

Vice President , College of Health Sciences

University of Liberia


Dr. Mosoka P. Fallah MA, MPH, PhD

Acting Dean, School of Public Health

University of Liberia


Dr. Harmon - Gray BSc, MD, MSc

Acting Director,  School of Public Health

University of Liberia


Dr. Joseph Sieka 

School of Public Health, 

University of Liberia

Dr. Laura Skrip BSc, MPH, PHD

Director of Research Labs, School of Public Heath, University of Liberia

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